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Researcher Gary Cantor, Durham-Based Gerontologist

June 15, 2017

Gary Cantor, DurhamFor quite some time, Gary Cantor, Durham researcher and Ph.D. candidate, became enamored with the idea of being a medical researcher. The impetus for that came out of his correspondence with Dr. Aubrey DeGrey, who believed that research could help people live healthy lives for centuries longer, not just a decade or two. It was then that Gary decided he wanted to be part of that, so he was determined to get as much education and training as possible.

To that end, Gary Cantor studied biology at the University of Florida when he was still just a teenager. It was there that he became a medical researcher; he worked in his first lab and he also completed a four-month internship with Genentech in San Francisco, where he worked hard with a team in their Translational Oncology department, working on a very important treatment for breast cancer. Following his time at Florida, Cantor was accepted into the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program (BBSP) at the University of North Carolina, which is when he became Gary Canto, Durham researcher.